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Privacy Policy

Request under the Privacy Act Civil Fingerprinting Screening Services In its day-to-day operations, federal government departments and agencies collect personal information from almost all Canadians. The Privacy Act gives Canadian citizens and people present in Canada the right to have access to information that is held about them by the federal government. It also protects against unauthorized disclosure of that personal information. In addition, it strictly controls how the government will collect, use, store, disclose and dispose.

You have the option of applying for a copy of your criminal record data base holding by making a request under the Privacy Act . This request is free of charge but the report will not provide you with a certified copy of a criminal record.

The CCRTIS report following such a request under the Privacy Act is based on a fingerprint search. The report will contain a copy of the National Repository data holding as it exists, but without fingerprint images. It will contain only that information permitted to be disclosed under federal law. It will not have the official RCMP embossment seal and will be in a plain format only and is not designed for official purposes. There is no obligation to share this information with a third party; however, if you decide to share the information, be advised that you may be sharing additional information to which a third party would have no legal rights of access. The information could contain criminal record information previously been rendered not disclosable due to a pardon in accordance with the Criminal Records Act . It can also include criminal record information archived in accordance with either the Youth Criminal Justice Act , the Young Offender Act or the Criminal Records Act.