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Fingerprinting Appointment Booking Schedule

Welcome to Canadian Fingerprint Agency

Canadian Fingerprint Agency is Fully Accredited Fingerprinting Agency by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Traditional Paper Ink & Roll technic, and the CCRTIS Accreditation of LiveScan and Cardscan technology, with many years of proven and trusted service. We provide electronic and paper based fingerprinting services for secure, rapid RCMP certified criminal record verification and Police Clearance.


We are by appointments only

Your IDs: Make sure you fully understand the purpose of obtaining fingerprints and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS AND IDENTIFICATION.

Documents Required:

  • 2 pieces of I.D. (One piece of identification must have a photo; Passport and Driver's License preferred)
  • Requesting letter from Employer, Immigration, Police, Pardon Agencies (if applicable)
  • Complete Application Form at our office

Photo I.D. accepted:
Canadian Driver's License, Ontario Photo Card, Nexus Card, Passport, Citizenship Card, Permanent Resident Card, Certificate of Indian status, Student Card, Canadian National Institute of Blind (CNIB) Card, Federal/Provincial/Municipal ID Card, Military Employment Card, Age of Majority Card, Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC), Foreign Driver License, Hunting License

Non-photo I.D. accepted:
Canadian Birth Certificate, Original Valid Immigration permit (Visa, Work, Refugee, Student)


  • Health Cards (issued by Canadian Province or territory)
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Operation: Only ONE client will be permitted in the office at anytime. Therefore, SHOW UP ON TIME or arrive early and wait in your car. Otherwise, you may have to wait for other clients to complete their fingerprints first.  You will be given instructions on the use of equipment to take your fingerprints. Our agent will NOT touch you, unless you are doing paper fingerprints. In this case, our agent will be masked and gloved while taking your fingerprints.

Front Desk Protection: After you leave, we will disinfect any surfaces you may have touched including the counter, debit machine, and fingerprint glass surfaces for the protection of the next client and ourselves.

Purifiers: We continue to provide protection for all by the use of medical grade air purifiers in the client area of the office as well as the staff areas.

Thank you for being on time at your appointment.

Please call (905)771-8890 to book or change the date for your appointment OR book your appointment on our website monthly calendar.

Stay Safe and Best Regards,
Canadian Fingerprint Agency.

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